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Creative production at scale in minutes with AI

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Generate Ad Creatives
Quickly generate effective promo videos for the app or game marketing campaigns. Choose from the great variety of style options available in any resolution and language.
Get Unlimited Variations
Get access to an unlimited number of variations of concepts, ideas, and templates to choose from, ensuring that they can find the right fit for their project.
Optimize and Multiply
Obtain analyzes the video, breaks it down into components, and generates creative that you can modify, improve and multiply.
Adapt to Any Resizes
and Platforms
Easily adapt your creatives to meet the requirements of any ad platform, and then export them either as files or directly to your ad accounts.
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How much does it cost to create videos with Obtain?
At first, you will get a demo by our team with a free pack of creatives as well as a limited access to try Obtain yourself. For the video creation at scale, we will tailor a custom package which will include the account setup, personal support, and a monthly recurring license.
How Obtain is different from other solutions?
Obtain is different from other solutions in many ways: we offer a fully automated all-in-one solution for generating video creatives, launching the campaigns and analyzing them.
What do I need to make a video in Obtain?
All you need is a short 30-90 sec long screencast of your app’s interface/gameplay. We can show you how to record screencasts. 
The rest of the process is completely automated.
We don’t have a team of creatives. Can you help us?
Yes, we have an in-house team of experts in creatives and mobile/game marketing. We will happy to help you create and launch effective campaigns with the creatives by Obtain.