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Automated creative production at scale

Create effective video ads in no time

Automate your production process. Create effective video creatives at scale for your mobile app and game marketing campaigns in minutes with the easy-to-use interface.

Ready to use effective concepts and templates

Get access to unlimited templates and ad concepts variations with proven effectiveness. Enjoy limitless options for concepts, ideas, and templates in any format and language.

Optimize creatives to improve your campaigns’ results

Break down your video into components with the help of computer vision, analyze it, and create fresh variations that can elevate your outcomes to new heights. Improve the best performing ads to get even higher metrics.

Resize and adapt to any ad platform

Change the aspect ratio and modify your videos to comply with the specifications of various ad platforms, and export them as files or directly to your ad accounts on Meta, TikTok, Google, or any other platform.

Customize video ads and use your branding

Unlock the power of customized branded templates. Create the various unique components of your videos to align with your brand guidelines, marketing objectives, or any specific requirements.


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Blockin' Color
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How much does it cost to create videos with Obtain?

At first, you will get a demo by our team with a free pack of creatives as well as a limited access to try Obtain yourself. For the video creation at scale, we will tailor a custom package which will include the account setup, personal support, and a monthly recurring license.

Can I customize elements of the video to fit my brand or the app’s style?

Our Custom Enterprise Plan allows for complete customization of templates, video elements, interface, and any other features you need. Learn more about this option here.

What do I need to get started?

To begin, you'll need one or more videos showcasing your app's interface or pre-made ad creatives and assets. It's recommended to upload multiple videos, lasting at least 30-90 seconds in total to provide ample input material. The rest of the process is completely automated.

How much time does it take to make a video?

Typically, it takes about a minute to process a single video, which means it takes around 5-10 minutes to process a pack of videos using all of the basic templates.

Is all of the content, such as music, videos, and other elements, licensed for use in marketing campaigns?

Absolutely. Our content is accompanied by a special license that grants unrestricted usage rights for your marketing needs.

How does the AI component of Obtain operate?

Obtain analyzes the video input and identifies the most dynamic moments paired with the tagged moments that drew the most attention. Typically, these are the cuts in which one frame differs significantly from the neighboring one.